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Berlinale Forum & Forum Expanded 2022

Berlinale Forum & Forum Expanded from 10 to 20 February 2022

The 52nd International Forum of New Cinema and the 18th Forum Expanded will take place from the 10th to the 20th of February 2022. The Forum Expanded exhibition, which had to be cancelled in 2021 due to the pandemic, will also open in February 2022. 

A Tribute to Tatjana Turanskyj

Feminism is dead / long live feminism

A tribute to the filmmaker Tatjana Turanskyj, who died far too early. By Christine Lang

Bilder denken No. 2 – a Podcast by Forum & Forum Expanded

A conversation with Karina Griffith and Can Sungu about the program „Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany“ (in German)

Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany

  • h IN THE NAME OF SCHEHERAZADE ODER DER ERSTE BIERGARTEN IN TEHERAN (Still). Ein Schattenspiel: Zwei Figuren stehen um einen Kessel

    Film Program

    The Berlinale Forum presents the film and discussion series "Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany": an experiment in shared curatorial responsibility that puts a spotlight on a chapter of German film production that has been unfairly neglected.

  • 18 MINUTEN ZIVILCOURAGE (Still): Umriss aus Kreide mit Blumen

    Curatorial Statement

    The film series “Fiktionsbescheinigung. 16 Cinematic Perspectives on Germany” poses the question: who is able to enter German cultural history, cinemas and the film canon and who is left outside? Who determines what is shown?

  • Digital Debates

    Scholars, filmmakers, programmers and actors gather and exchange in a four-day digital discursive programme. The event took place in June during the Berlinale Summer Special. Here you can find the documenation and video recordings. 


The film program of Forum & Forum Expanded 2021

  • 51st Berlinale Forum: Slaloming between Fiction and Documentary

    The 17-film selection that makes up the 51st Berlinale Forum focuses on works that deal with uncertainties in the world outside by embracing unpredictability in their plots and structures. It gives preference to the fragile over the proven, with more space dedicated to filmmakers at the start of their careers than their more established colleagues.

    16th Forum Expanded: The Days Float Through My Eyes

    The sudden coincidence of stagnation and change which we are currently experiencing has changed our idea of time and space — and thus also cinema. This affects both how the selected works will be seen as well as this year’s festival format. As part of the Berlinale Summer Special, Forum Expanded film presents sixteen short films. They all show, in different ways, the contradiction between the inexorably advancing time and a reality, which foces us to a halt more and more frequently.

Forum and Forum Expanded 2021 in images

Audience members in the open air cinema are attentively watching the screen. Behind them, the light of the film projection shines, almost like sunlight.

Festival impressions 2021

Forum and Forum Expanded during the Berlinale Summer Special, June 9–20.

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